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Translation Services

Professional Translation Services in Erlangen

German to English and English to German translation services

We offer professional translation services from English to German and from German to English to businesses, law firms and private clients.

Certified translations for official use

Certified translation, or ‚beglaubigte Übersetzung‘, is a recognised translation of official documents. Certified translations are typically required by authorities, universities or schools, courts of law or employers. Documents that may require certified translation include:

  • academic transcripts
  • birth certificates
  • diplomas
  • divorce decrees
  • ID documents
  • marriage certificates
  • residence permits

On a certified translation, the translator attests that the target-language text is an accurate and complete translation of the source-language text. Certified translations bear the signature and official stamp of the translator. In Germany, certified translations can be prepared only by sworn translators, ‚beeidigte Übersetzer‘, who are appointed by regional courts.

We prepare certified translations in accordance with the Guideline for Certified Translations issued by the German Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators (Richtlinie des BDÜ für Urkundenübersetzungen). A printout copy of the original document will be attached to the translation.

Certified translation services – rates

Please see our price list. Our rates include: translation, certification, postage and VAT.

How to employ our services

Please email us a (good quality!) scan of the document(s) and we will quote you the price and delivery period.

Legal translation services

Nadine Schnelzer is a graduate and state-certified translator drawing on more than ten years‘ experience in legal translation. Here is what lawyers say:


See a few examples of our work:

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